Pohnpei Port Authority

Pohnpei International Airport


To maintain a safe & secure international airport environment to ideally facilitate aviation travel and traffic.


To uphold consistent compliance with PPA Rules and Regulations mandated by the National Regulatory Authority, interwoven with International Aviation Standards.

  • Originally 6,000 Feet Runway
  • Currently 6,868 Feet
  • 1 Apron, and 2 Hardstands, 2 Turnarounds
  • Navaids / Visual Aids
Apron and Hardstands
  • Apron Total Area of:
  • 1,790 Square Meters
  • 16,110 Square Feet

  • ARFF Facility
  • Air Terminal
  • Airport VIP Lounges
  • Passenger Lobbies
Aircraft Rescue and Fire Fighting (ARFF)
  • Aircraft Fueling Service Standby
  • Critical First Responders in the event of aircraft rescue
  • NFPA/ Pro Board Certified Air Rescue Firefighters/ Recertification every year
  • Fire suppression, Triage, Decontamination, Hazmat, First Aid, EMT
  • State of the art Facility, and Assets (3 fire trucks)
Aerodrome Flight information Service (AFIS)
  • Communicate with Aircraft, and ground personnel. Relay weather information.
  • Receive flight plans
  • Nucleus for air, and ground liaising Alert Operations on Emergency Scenarios Flight Data, and Statistics compiling
  • Runway Self Inspection
Airport Police
  • Deputized AVSEC Police/General AVSEC
  • Access Control into AOA
  • Vehicle and Persons Search
  • Uphold sterility of holding areas
  • AVSEC screening
  • AOA patrols
  • Traffic Control and Crowd Control

Airport Division

The Airport Division handles the airport operations and oversees the compliance of all international and domestic aviation safety and security standards at the Pohnpei International Airport and the three additional airstrips in Mwoakilloa, Pingelap and Sapwuahfik Municipalities. The Airport Division consists of 30 employees with Mr. Ronald Reyes as the Airport Manager. The airport division is responsible for the following routine tasks: