Pohnpei Port Authority

General Management

Mr. Pius Roby is the General Manager on Pohnpei Port Authority who currently employs a total staff of 82 personnel working within the five division of the Authority which?includes the following divisions; Airport, Seaport, Facility & Construction, Marketing, Human Resources and the Finance division. His main responsibilities are as follows but not?limited by overseeing the day to day operation and the management of the authority and reports directly to the Board of Directors. He was promoted as a General Manager in October 18, 2017. Mr. Pius Roby joined the authority since April 20, 2007.

Message from the General Manager:

During the past 2 fiscal years the Authority continued to undertake new and positive steps in its responsibilities of planning and managing for the improvement of Pohnpei State?s ports facilities and system operations to meet the ever-increasing international safety and security requirements in order to keep our airport and seaport stay open for conduct of international commerce and trade. These strategic steps were undertaken to comply with the new international security and safety requirements, while ensuring that ports? customers and the traveling public are comfortable and contented with our service.

?? In regards to our Airport Division, the Pohnpei International Airport Security and Emergency Plans were completed to conform to the new U. S., FSM and international security requirements in order for us to keep the Airport stay in service. The aviation safety and security matters were given highest priority particularly funding for resurfacing of the entire airport runway and even extended it for additional 600 feet for a total of 6,600 feet now enabling to accommodate a 757 size aircraft to land at our airport. In addition to the completion of the Aircraft Rescue and Fire Fighting building in FY 12, the authority was able to complete the security fencing and a pave road around the run way for security and emergency purposes in FY13.

?? FAA and PPA sponsored training in aircraft emergency and rescue was successfully conducted here on September 20, 2012 with participation of our staff and all concerned departments, offices and agencies of Pohnpei State Government. In keeping with our goal of upgrading knowledge and skills of our police personnel our airport and seaport police were deputized in FY12 along with intensive police training courses starting from Police Safety, Firearm, Tactical Combat, Paton, Tear Gas and also certified Seaport Police in Scuba Diving. 5 were certified as Rescue divers and the other 5 were certified as Advance Open Water divers.

??? In our Seaport Division, we completed our Seaport Security Plan and implemented new security requirements at our Port to meet International Ship and Port Facility Security (ISPS) Code. This Code forms the international framework through which ships and ports can effectively detect and deter acts that threaten security in the maritime sector. This new security regime requires use of PPA issued identification cards to all visitors and vehicles entering the restricted areas of the seaport. Pohnpei Port Authority met the IMO-imposed deadline which required each seaport worldwide to complete its security plan in compliance with ISPS Code by that date. Not meeting this critical requirement could have caused suspension of international shipping services to the Port of Pohnpei. It is for this reason that PPA had to shift gear during mid-year to come up with necessary funding to undertake and complete this vital project.

???? Upgrading and maintenance of our overall airport and seaport facilities is a critical component?? of our work program the past years. The continued deteriorating condition of the Airport runway?s surface also caused the airport markings to fade quickly and had to be repainted and the authority was able to complete in 2012 and 2013 with new fencing around the airport area.

?? ?Our Seaport division and its supporting staffs are working all around the dock areas maintenance of seaport navigational aids to ensure safe navigation in our Harbor was one of the projects undertaken and completed during the year. The Seaport division constructed and repaired the reef markers around Pohnpei for safe travel by small open boats around the island.

??? 2013 was another solid year for the authority. We continued to manage with an overarching commitment to building long-term and sustainable value for our authority, our travelers and our employees. Our audited financial statements for FY2013 were released with a Net position increased by $1,333,893.00 or 13.5%. Operating revenue increased by $1,168,674.00 or 47. 2% from last year and around 90% came from our seaport division. Operating expenses went up by 18.2% or $407,919.00 higher compared to fiscal year 2012. Our current assets also increased by 13.1% or $478,974.00 higher compared to FY 2012 and it?s mainly due to an increased bank balance. Our liabilities again decreased by 8.7% or $23,664.00. FY13 was a fantastic year for us and I want to thank the entire division managers and our supporting staffs for their hard work and dedication which resulted as one our best year for this Authority.

?? Our administrative goals this year were derived from the professionalism full cooperation of the Board of directors and the management and staff of PPA. The concepts were agreed upon as our preferred guiding principles for good governance and good public service practices for the Authority to undertake: Teamwork, Communication, Transparency, Accountability and Strive for Excellence. These agreed-upon good public service practices have continued to drive the goals and activities of the Authority over the past year. There has been a noted increase in more frequent sharing of information among staff, management and the board. We believe this will lead to building of more trust and confidence in each other and with the general public. In fostering these goals, a new website for the Authority is being constructed and will soon empower PPA to join the global community in benefiting from the upshots of this Information age.??????

?? I wish to indicate that it is our hope that these activities and improvements undertaken this past year will have a strong impact on the effective performance of Pohnpei Port Authority in the future. I would like to conclude by extending my appreciation and best wishes to the Board of Directors and the employees of the Pohnpei Port Authority especially our marketing division. Without your kind support, hard work, dedication plus understanding, this report would not have been made possible.??????

Thank you very much.

Pius Roby

General Manager

Pohnpei Port Authority