Pohnpei Port Authority

Facilities & Infrastructure Division

The Division of Facilities Maintenance & Infrastructure Development is responsible for providing recommendations, preparing in-house plans and specifications and conducting periodic and final inspection of construction projects in which the Pohnpei Port Authority has a direct interest. The division performs such other functions related to facilities construction and maintenance that fall within the purview of the Pohnpei Port Authority.

Program Goals & Objectives

  • To organize and carry out daily facility maintenance activities of the Authority;
  • To make technical suggestions and recommendations to the Pohnpei Port Authority General Manager concerning policies that will establish procedures for the effective and efficient system of review and design and to coordinate and monitor Capital Improvement Projects of the Authority funded by Pohnpei Port Authority, Pohnpei State Legislature, FSM National Congress and international donors;
  • To provide a capable maintenance program most suitable for the port facilities;
  • To coordinate and monitor on-going construction projects at the Port Authority;
  • To upgrade staff capabilities in the Division, with particular emphasis in engineering and practical knowledge and skills architectural.

Project Accomplishments

  • Installation of Bollards, Seaports
  • Installation of Rubber Fenders, Seaports
  • Fabrication of Car rental booths, Airport
  • Relocation of Welcoming Sign, Airport
  • Relocation of Department Men and Women?s Restroom, Airport
  • Rehabilitation of Department Car Parking Lot, Airport
  • Replacement of Airport Fencing
  • Departure lobby Tiling, Airport
  • Renovation of an Office Space, Occupied by Post Office
  • Repair and repair of existing Bollards
  • Repair of Terminal Rain Cutter, Airport AIP and ODA Projects.

Procurement and Installation of New Equipment

  • X-Ray Baggage Security Equipment
  • Baggage Handling System
  • Departure Linear Conveyor & Arrival Carousel Conveyor
  • Baggage Trolley ? 30 units.